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Why Getting Chinese Mail Order Brides Can Be A Really Great Idea

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According to the statistics, the number of Chinese women who got married to US citizens and entered the United States on a K-1 visa in 2019 was 1,135. 9 years before that, that number was even higher (1,825). While it looks like the number of Chinese brides declines, it’s definitely a huge growth when compared with 2018 when only 760 Chinese citizens entered the US on a K-1 visa. The point is, the exact numbers don’t really matter—the only thing that matters is the trend that shows that Chinese females were popular ten years ago, remain popular today, and will be popular later. Here, we’ll tell you all you wanted to know about Chinese wives!

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Why choose Chinese girls for marriage?

The main reason why so many Americans dream of getting a Chinese mail order wife is the traditional views of these women. In reality, these women are quite Westernized, but they still have very traditional views on family roles. They are also extremely beautiful, honest, and very loyal to their husbands. And they are not as demanding as some women from Korea/Japan, by the way!

Why do Chinese ladies seek Western men?

Most Chinese brides think that Western (and American in particular) men make better partners than Chinese men—they believe Americans are more loyal and treat their wives with more respect than men from China. For some girls, it’s all about getting a better life in the US, but they are really very few.

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How to find Chinese mail order brides?

You don’t need to go to China and to do anything extraordinary to find thousands of Chinese women for marriage. Just visit any mail order bride website from our list (or find a good site by yourself which can be quite time-consuming), sign up, and start chatting with the girls. When you find your future wife, it’s simple—arrange a date, meet her (it’s necessary to get a K-1 visa later), and voilà, it’s done!

How much does a mail order wife from China cost?

You’ll need to spend at least about $14,000 ($1,000 on a round ticket, $1,000 on 1 week in China, and $12,000 on a wedding) to get a Chinese wife. It’s totally possible that $14,000 will not be enough for you, but it’s also possible to save some money—say, having a frugal wedding party for the closest relatives only will reduce the wedding cost to $5,000–$6,000.

Are Chinese brides really worth it?

There aren’t any “good” answers to this question—for some, having a Chinese bride is a dream, while for others, it’s not the most exciting idea. If you love Asian women, if you’re searching for a girl who’ll be a bit more traditional than modern Western ladies, and if you are ok with the idea that these girls can be a bit too controlling, Chinese mail order wives are exactly what you’re looking for.