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How To Get Filipino Mail Order Brides? We’ll Tell You Right Here!

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Filipino females are with no doubt the most popular mail order brides in the United States. In 2010, more than 6,000 Filipino brides got married to American men. In 2019, this number increased by more than 18% — that year, more than 7,100 women from the Philippines entered the country on a K-1 visa. Just for comparison’s sake, in 2019, the number of Filipino mail order wives was twice as high as the number of mail order wives from the whole African continent! These women were extremely popular ten years ago, and they remain extremely popular among American men — here, we’ll tell you why.

The first thing you need to get a Filipino mail order wife is a good mail bride website — and here, you’ll find what you need. These are the top websites with thousands of hot Filipino girls — check them out now and sign up for free!

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Why choose Filipino women for marriage?

Because they are gorgeous, first — yes, we all know that it’s actually not about beauty and all that, but Filipino mail order brides look so good you just can’t ignore it. But of course, it’s not only about beauty.

An average Filipino mail order bride is not just hot, she is also extremely loyal and caring. These women are known for being great mothers and wives (closer to a traditional image of a wife), and they are a bit submissive—right to the extent where it doesn’t become uncomfortable. Filipino girls are also devoted to their families and to the families of their partners—and we bet that’s another thing you’ll love about your Filipino wife!

Why do Filipino girls seek Western men?

Filipino women think that Americans are friendlier and more open-minded than other nationalities. But what’s more important, these women believe American men are more loyal and caring than Filipino men — that’s probably the most important reason why Filipino women for marriage love men from the US.

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How to find Filipino brides?

The best way you can go to find Filipino mail order brides is online dating. The websites with single Filipino ladies are called “mail order bride” sites, but it’s technically the same thing as online dating — you create a dating profile, chat with the ladies, arrange the dates, and meet them, that’s all. That’s not the only way you can go, of course — but using Filipino mail order bride websites is much cheaper and much faster than going to the Philippines and trying to find a wife there.

How much does a Filipino mail order bride cost?

Well, it depends. Some American men spend about $2,500–$3,000 to meet and marry a Filipino mail order wife, but this doesn’t mean 3 thousand dollars will be enough for you. Typically, the average price of a Filipino bride is closer to $5,000–$7,000 including a wedding party, a trip to the Philippines, and tickets.

Are Filipino wives really worth your attention?

Most Filipino brides are beautiful, emotional, and family-oriented, they are usually very caring, they know how to make a husband happy, and they really love American men. If that sounds like a good combination to you, then yes — Filipino girls for marriage are exactly what you need.