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How To Find Slavic Mail Order Brides And Why Do They Search For American Men?

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Women from Slavic countries are extremely popular among American men. According to statistics, this interest remains steady (2,200 K-1 visa holders from Slavic countries in 2010 vs 2,400 in 2019), and it’s no surprise because these women are well-known for being extremely attractive, family-centered, feminine, and intelligent. Here, we’ll tell you everything you wanted to know about beautiful Slavic girls for marriage. How much does it cost to get a Slavic wife? Where to meet Slavic mail order brides? And why are they searching for American men? The answers are right here!

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By the way, one of the hardest things about finding a Slavic mail order wife is choosing the right dating website. Here, you’ll find the top list of the best platforms with thousands of Slavic brides — we’ve done all the work, so choose any website and sign up for free!

Why choose Slavic women?

It’s not just about their beauty, it’s also about their views on family and family roles. Slavic females (well, not all of them but most of them) have that “traditional mindset” when it comes to gender roles. They believe when a man is a breadwinner and a woman is a homemaker — that’s what thousands of American men love about them and that’s what is quite rare to be seen in Western countries in 2021. They don’t just think so, they are also very good at it — Slavic women do really make great wives and mothers and that’s the most important reason why American men love Slavic ladies. Slavic women for marriage are also very feminine, they are supportive and very caring, and, what’s even more important, they love American men. Why? We’ll tell you right now!

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Why do Slavic mail order brides seek Western men?

There is a stereotype about Slavic brides — some people believe they are searching for American men because the US is richer and more developed than Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, and other Slavic countries. Well, the second part of this statement is true, but that doesn’t mean that’s the main reason why they want to find a foreign partner. In reality, the majority of Slavic women think that American men are more educated, respectful, and loyal than men from their countries — that’s the real reason why they sign up on mail bride services.

What Slavic country to choose?

When one thinks of getting a Slavic girlfriend, it’s always about two countries: Russia and Ukraine. That makes sense — more than 50% of mail order brides who got their K-1 visas in 2019 were from these two countries, the mail order bride industry is on its rise in Ukraine and Russia, and both Ukrainian and Russian women love dating foreign men. These women are very devoted to a family, they are very feminine, a bit traditional, and they are extremely beautiful. But it’s not only about them, really.

Thus, if you want your future Slavic wife to be more Westernized and closer to Western European girls in terms of her views on family and relationship roles, you need to focus on such countries as Poland and Slovakia. Women from South Slavic countries such as Bulgaria, Croatia, and North Macedonia, are typically more emotional, more passionate, and a bit more friendly than the girls from North and East Slavic countries. So, the answer to the question “which Slavic country to choose” depends only on your preferences.

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How to find Slavic brides?

It’s not that difficult. Tens of thousands of gorgeous Slavic mail order brides use mail bride websites to find an American man — so you only need to sign up on one of these sites to find them. Women on these platforms typically speak English and most of them have serious intentions — it’s not just dating, it’s dating with the intent of marriage. These websites are the cheapest, the fastest, and basically the easiest way to get a Slavic bride.

How much does a Slavic mail order bride cost?

You can’t just “buy” a bride from Slavic countries — it’s a long process that begins like online dating and ends when you marry her. Usually, it costs about $5,000–$10,000 in total, but you can either save money or spend much more than that if you want to have a fancy wedding party or if you prefer a luxurious travel style.

Are Slavic mail order wives really worth it?

Sure! Slavic women for marriage make amazing wives, they are very feminine, and thanks to all those bride platforms, it’s not that expensive to meet them. So, why not?