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What’s So Special About Mexican Mail Order Brides? We’ll Tell You Here

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Mexico is the biggest mail order bride country in North America—the number of Mexican mail order wives who got married to American men was 1,676 in 2019 and 1,586 in 2010. The number of mail wives from Mexico is so high that we can safely say that Mexico is one of the most popular mail order bride countries in the world. But what’s so special about Mexican brides? And how to find a Mexican wife? Read this short guide and you’ll find the answers!

The number of websites with Mexican mail order brides is constantly growing, and it can be difficult to choose a good one. We’ve already done it for you—here, you’ll find the best mail bride websites with thousands of Mexican girls for marriage!

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Why choose Mexican women?

These Latin brides make great wives and mothers, they are extremely devoted to their families, and they are much more traditional than the ladies from the United States. Mexican wives are typically very romantic and feminine, and they are much more focused on making a husband happy and raising children instead of career and work. But it doesn’t mean your Mexican bride will want to be a stay-at-home wife, of course—these women are intelligent and really hardworking.

Why do Mexican ladies seek Western men?

There is no one “good” answer to this question. According to Mexican mail order brides themselves, American men simply make better boyfriends and husbands than Mexican men—because according to them, Americans are much more loyal than the guys from Mexico. Another reason is that Central American women think that it’s cool to build a family with men from the US (especially with white men). For them, it’s a part of the branqueamento concept—”whitening” in simple words—but that’s not the most common idea among Mexican women.

How to find Mexican brides?

Here’s what you need to do to find a Mexican mail order wife in 2021:

  1. Choose a Mexican mail order bride website, sign up, and start chatting.
  2. Choose the girl (or the girls) you like most. Arrange the date.
  3. Go to Mexico and meet them.

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How much does a Mexican mail order bride cost?

You can’t buy a Mexican wife online, of course. You’ll need to pay for a mail bride website, to visit Mexico, to spend about 1 week there and to pay for the hotels/restaurants, and to pay for the wedding. Here’s how much it will cost for you:

  • Mail bride websites usually cost about $60–$80 per month.
  • 1 ticket to Mexico will cost about $300–$400.
  • 1 week in Mexico can cost you from $1,500 to $2,500.
  • The wedding in Mexico will cost you about $5,000–$8,000, but it depends.

Are Mexican wives really worth it?

Mexican women for marriage can be too emotional or too loud sometimes, but they are so good you just can’t resist. They are hot, feminine, and romantic, they are devoted to their families, and they are very loyal. And by the way, Mexico is not the most expensive country to find a bride—it won’t cost you more than $7,000–$9,000 to find, meet, and marry a Mexican woman.