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Polish Mail Order Brides Guide: Are These Women Really Worth It?

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This country is certainly not the most popular European country in terms of mail brides—only 135 K-1 visas were issued to Polish citizens in 2019 (145 in 2010). It’s not the worst result in Europe, of course, but this number is not even close to the numbers of such neighboring countries as Russia or Ukraine. Basically, this country is a hidden gem of Eastern Europe — and here, we’ll tell you some interesting facts about Polish brides, about where to meet them, and about how much it really costs to get a Polish wife!

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Why choose Polish women for marriage?

Polish wives have a lot in common with Ukrainian and Russian women, but they also have some common features with German and Western European girls. Let’s talk about them.

Like all Slavic girls, Polish ladies are very caring, very beautiful, and really devoted to their families. They are also more “traditional” than the girls from Western Europe and the United States. At the same time, they are much more punctual and well-organized than the ladies from other Eastern European countries. They are also more direct and straightforward than, say, Ukrainian girls.

Why do Polish beauties seek Western men?

The main reason why Polish girls for marriage sign up on mail bride websites and seek Western men is: Western men make better partners than Polish men (or at least that’s something Polish women believe in). For most Polish mail order brides, it’s not about “visa potential” or “gold-digging”—they just want their partners to be caring and supportive, that’s all.

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Where to find Polish brides?

Just choose a good Polish mail order bride website, that’s all! There are thousands of Polish girls with serious intentions and a good command of English on these sites, so it’s definitely easier to find a girl online than offline. Don’t worry about the “mail order bride website” thing, it’s actually pretty much like Tinder or Match—you create a profile, chat with girls you like, and ask them out if you feel the spark.

How much does a Polish mail order bride cost?

Some men spend about $100 to get a Polish mail order wife, the others spend tens of thousands without a result. Most likely, you’ll need to spend something in between. Here’s what you’ll need to pay for:

  • Subscription on a mail order bride website—$50–$80 per month.
  • Tickets to Poland—about $500–$600 for a one-way ticket to Warsaw.
  • Hotels, restaurants, dates—a week in Poland costs about $1,000–$2,000.
  • Wedding—depends on lots of factors, but usually it’s about $5,000–$10,000.

Are Polish mail order wives worth your attention?

If you want to find a shy, submissive, and obedient woman, then no, they are not the right choice for you. If you want your future wife to be a super career-oriented woman who will spend all her free time at work, then again, Polish brides are not for you. In all other cases, Polish women are certainly worth dating.