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How To Get Japanese Mail Order Brides? How Much Does It Cost? And How To Save?

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Japan is certainly not the most popular Asian country in terms of mail order brides—the number of Japanese brides who got married to American citizens is not that high (508 in 2010, 541 in 2019). This number doesn’t mean Japanese women for marriage are not popular among American men—it only shows that the interest for Japanese wives remains stable. If you’re interested in Japanese mail order wives, too, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we’ll tell you all you wanted to know about these ladies!

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Why choose Japanese women?

Japanese females are very loyal, educated, intelligent, and respectful (the latter is one of the main reasons why American men love them!). These women are not as emotional and passionate as, say, women from Southeast Asia or from Latin America, but they make great wives and mothers.

Why do Japanese mail order brides seek Western men?

It’s not that Japanese wives want to flee from their country, obviously—the real reason is different. The thing is, a Japanese lady simply doesn’t think that Japanese men are good enough—these beauties believe that Americans are more loyal, respectful, and caring than men from Japan.

How to find Japanese brides?

It’s not that difficult—you only need to sign up on a mail bride website to find a Japanese mail order wife. It’s like online dating where you chat with the girls, arrange the dates, and meet them. The only difference is that these sites are usually paid, but they are 100% worth the money.

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How much does a Japanese mail order bride cost?

Getting a Japanese wife online will cost you about $50–$70 per month. Visiting and marrying Japanese mail order brides will cost you about $30,000–$50,000. The point is, this country is very expensive to visit and the average wedding cost in Japan is quite high. But don’t worry—we’ve gathered 3 tips that will help you save some cash.

  • First, don’t try to save on dating websites. It’s always better to pay more and to get high-quality service than to spend less and to lose money and time afterwards.
  • Always use aggregators to find the best price for a ticket or for a hotel. That’s how you can reduce the price drastically.
  • Cut down the wedding guest list. An average Japanese wedding has 70+ guests and costs about $30,000—obviously, you can save 50% of this by inviting 35 people instead of 70.

Are Japanese girls for marriage really that good?

We are sure they do! Japanese brides are more traditional than most Western girls, they are more “agreeable” with their partners, and they are always loyal. At the same time, they have quite modern views on family roles, they are intelligent, and they are typically very hard-working. If that sounds like perfect wife material to you, don’t waste your time and start chatting with them today!