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How To Get European Mail Order Brides And Why It’s A Good Idea?

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In 2010, 5,300 European women got married to American men. In 2019, the number of European mail order brides increased by 30%—that year, almost 7,000 women from European countries entered the United States on a K-1 Visa. This number is lower than the number of Asian or Latin brides, but it’s still quite impressive—and here, we’ll tell you some useful facts about women from Europe.

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Why choose European girls for marriage?

The first thing you must know about European females is: they are not all the same. The girls from Eastern European countries might be a bit cold, the ladies from Germany can be more hard-working and focused on career than the girls from Eastern Europe, while the ladies from South European countries (e.g. Spain, Italy, or Romania) are surely more emotional and feminine than the girls from the Western European region.

At the same time, most European women for marriage are well-cultured and very educated. They are also very beautiful and have fewer cultural differences from American men than Asian girls—so if you choose Europe, you won’t have to deal with that “cultural barrier” problem. These women have a lot of advantages, not only the ones we’ve just talked about—and that’s why they are certainly worth dating.

Why do European women seek Western men?

When it comes to European mail order brides, it’s not about searching for an American man to flee from their countries or to get a better life—let’s be honest, life isn’t that bad in Europe. One also can’t say there is a positive stereotype about Americans in Europe—unlike Asian ladies, European brides don’t think that American men make the best husbands and that they are actually much better than their local men. So, taking all this into account, why are they searching for an American husband?

Just because. Yes, some of them think American men are a bit less demanding/more handsome/more loyal than men from their own country, but such ideas are not that common. Most European ladies want to date an American man just because they think it’s cool, that’s all.

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Which European country to choose?

It depends on your requirements and on how you see perfect European girls for marriage. If you want to find a more traditional and family-centered woman, Eastern Europe is the right region for you. If you prefer hot, emotional, and (sometimes) tempered ladies, Southern European countries will be a good choice. Want to find a hard-working, intelligent, and well-educated girl? Then, Western Europe is what you need.

How to find European brides?

Obviously, you don’t need to go to Europe to find a European mail order wife. The only thing you need to do is sign up on a dating website—there are thousands of European mail order brides on such platforms, and they are genuinely interested in men from the United States. Once you sign up, the story begins—but there’s nothing unusual here. You’ll chat with the girls, call them, arrange the dates, and meet them, it’s as simple as that.

How much does a European mail order bride cost?

Getting a European wife may cost you $5,000 or $20,000, it depends on a lot of factors. What are these factors?

  • Country. Obviously, such countries as Germany, the UK, or France are more expensive to visit than, say, Ukraine or Belarus.
  • Travel style. Prefer luxurious hotels and fancy restaurants? Prepare to spend more.
  • How often will you meet her? A 1-week to Europe might cost you about $2,000–$4,000 (including the tickets), so it’s another important factor to consider.
  • Wedding style. A fancy wedding might cost you $15,000, a frugal one will be 3 times cheaper.

So, are European mail order wives really that good?

In short, yes. Having a European mail order wife means having a beautiful, strong, and educated wife who will support you and care for you without being too passive or shy. If you’re interested in European brides, don’t waste your time and meet them today—there may be travel restrictions, but the dating sites are here to help!