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How To Meet Thai Mail Order Brides And Why You Need To Do It

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To get a Thai wife, you need to find Thai brides first. Here, you’ll find the list of the best websites with thousands of hot and single Thai ladies—take a look at the list, choose the website you like most, and sign up right now!

In 2010, there were 657 Thai women who got married to American men and got a K-1 Visa. 9 years later, this number had risen to 855—and even if Thailand is not the most popular Asian country in terms of international marriage, Thai mail order wives are still extremely popular among men from the United States. Let’s talk about these women.

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Why choose Thai women for marriage?

Thai mail order brides are just incredible, and you’ve probably heard something about them. There are lots of stereotypes about Thai beauties, but we won’t tell you these stereotypes are false here. Because—when it comes to the positive ones, of course—they are mostly true.

Thus, Thai girls for marriage are really as shy (but not obedient) and really as traditional as some men think. At the same time, like the majority of Asian brides, they are very feminine and open-minded, and they believe that a woman shouldn’t control her husband or run his life. However, they are not perfect—for example, some American men say their Thai mail order brides and girlfriends are sometimes too jealous. Another problem you need to be aware of with these women is a language barrier (unfortunately, not all of them are fluent in English).

Why do Thai females seek Western men?

There is no clear answer here. Some Thai girls think American men are better than Thai men, some just want to move to the US and get a better life there, the others have their own reasons. The chances are very high that your Thai bride will be attracted to you just because you’re a good person, that’s all.

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How to find Thai brides?

First, you’ll need to find a good Thai mail order bride website. Then, you’ll chat with the girls you like and get their contact information. After that, you’ll arrange a date and meet her or them—it’s like your typical online dating story in the US. But with one huge difference: the cost.

How much does a Thai mail order bride cost?

It’s quite costly to get a Thai mail order wife. It’s not about mail bride websites—they are usually quite cheap ($50-$80 per month). It’s about the tickets and the visit to Thailand, and of course, it’s about the wedding. The cheapest one-way ticket from NYC to Thailand is about $450, 1 week in this country will cost you about $1,000, and the wedding in Thailand can cost you $10,000 or so. That’s why you’ll have to spend at least $12,000 to get a mail order wife from Thailand, meanwhile a Filipino mail order bride cost is quite cheaper.

Are Thai wives worth it?

They are, surely. If you are searching for a shy Asian wife with traditional views on family roles, Thailand is probably the best destination for you—and thanks to Thai mail order bride sites, you don’t even need to go there to meet all those pretty Thai singles!